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The spanish tax structure is divided into three levels in which the taxes rely on the competent organism to collect and control them.

Local taxes controlled by the City Hall: in this scenario we can include the Property Tax and Municipal Taxes.

Taxes controlled by Autonomous Communitie: there are 17 Autonomous Communities in Spain with tax competences like the transmission of assets, inheritance, etc.

Taxes controlled by the Spanish National Tax Office, which is the organism that represents the central Government and controlles taxes like the Wealth Tax, VAT, etc.

We advice you if you have Real Estate investments in Spain or are interested in carrying them out.

We work with international partners and that allows us to approach investments decisions with a correct structure and planning.

In RIDALAW we consider it essencial to examine the concept of TAX PLANNING before making any individual or business decisions.

We invite you to carry out an analysis of the status of your property or invertment in Spain, as well as your tax situation before making any risked decisión and also informing you about the necessity of havig a tax representative in case you are non-resident.

We make sure that your property and assets comply with the Spanish tax legislation, helping you to learn more about the market value of your assets in Spain.

Our value reports of your property/assets in Spain will be particularly useful for those who plan to sell or want to ensure they are trouble – free when the right moment comes. We work with the major valuation company in Spain: TINSA.

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Our firm offers advisory services and tax plannings to private individuals and also enterprises.

In RIDALAW we are verified professionals and due to that our tax advisors are members of the Association of Economists of Madrid and Alicante.