Previously, the acquisition of a Spanish property was a very simple action, it was more flexible and it was not necessary to have a N.I.E. “Foreigners Identity Number”.

Currently, due to changes in Spanish Law against fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing, obtaining a N.I.E. has become an essential requirement for any foreigner who wants to perform a property transaction in Spain.

This number is obligatory and permanent, i.e. once assigned the N.I.E. number lasts forever.  It is simply a tax number that is assigned by the Ministry of the Interior to any person who has properties or interests in Spain.

This number does not imply the acquisition of Spanish nationality or legal residence in the country. It is simply a number that you must have in order to buy, sell or even inherit properties in Spain. To obtain this number one must go to the Foreigners Office or to the Police Station that is closest to the property you want to buy, sell, inherit etc. and thereafter continue with a cumbersome procedure.
RIDALAW offers to carry out this tedious bureaucratic process on your behalf. Our lawyers will take care of your interests and will obtain your N.I.E. in the least possible time-frame, always giving you an integral quality service.

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