At RIDALAW we have Inheritance Specialists who can provide you with reliable solutions for all of your inheritance issues in Spain.

If you own a property and/ or other assets in Spain, it is important to consider who will inherit them, and in the latter’s best interest, make the necessary arrangements now. A Spanish will could help ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Our Lawyers and Tax advisors have a lot of experience helping in these kinds of processes.

The benefits of making a Spanish Will:

1) It avoids time-consuming and expensive legal issues that your heirs will have to resolve. You should make a separate Will to dispose of any assets located outside of Spain. A British Will, for example, has no bearing on your Spanish estate.

2) Spaniards have to divide their assets equally among their heirs, and leave two-thirds of it all to their children. As a foreigner, you are exempt from this ruling and you can bequeath your assets to whoever you want. However, your estate will be subject to Spanish inheritance tax, which is high when left by non-residents to non-relatives.

Our process:

1: We need a Power of Attorney.

2: Also, we require an official certified copy of the Testament.

3: A “Nota Simple”, i.e. a property registry report, is also necessary.

4: All related insurance issues will be taken care of by our team.

5: We will obtain a Bank Certificate of the Deceased.

6: The Deed of Acceptance and Allocation of Inheritance will be prepared for us for posterior signing at the notary’s office.

7: We will pay all the taxes, property registration procedures and other formalities on your behalf.

With RIDALAW you will receive a complete advice service including all information about your inheritance concerns with an individual cost calculation.

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