RIDALAW has the brokerage condition of several influential Spanish and International Insurance Companies strongly operating here in Spain. Our mission as always is the protection of the interests of our client, advising them in their selection of the correct coverage aimed at protecting their interests. Therefore, from the very beginning, our insurance assessor analyses the risk at hand to help the RIDALAW client successfully choose the insurance policy that best meets his needs.

The Insurance Companies we operate with are:  Mapfre, Liberty, Allianz and DKV.

Our clients are generally interested in insurance policies within the following areas: though we are more than willing to assist with:

– Home (Buildings & Contents) Insurance.

– Funeral Policy Insurance.

– Life and/ or Accident Assurance/ Insurance.

– Health Insurances.

Nevertheless, we are more than willing to assist with all other areas of insurance when need be:

– Rental Protection Insurance

– Travel Insurance (Annual Multi-Trip Cover)

– Motor Insurance etc.

We regularly receive information on promotions and policy improvements from our associated insurance providers.

Under the pricicple of quality for money, RIDALAW compares, assesses and delivers no-compromise estimates checking if your insurance cover can be better and cheaper than you currently pay.

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