At RIDALAW we maintain that it is compulsory to involve a solicitor when you are going to sell your property. We take care that you can sell your property with security and with all the guarantees to avoid setbacks. We ensure that your documentation is in order and that your taxes are paid properly.


1) Obviously we have to know if you are selling your property directly, by means of a private agreement with the buyers, or through a Real Estate Agent.

2) We will prepare the contract for signing, and we will inform you about the rest of the documents that we need such as the Property Deeds and proof of payment of water and electricity bills, local taxes, Community fees,energy certification and other obligatory and necessary license… etc.

3) Of course at RIDALAW we will take care of your relationship with the bank. Therefore, if you have a mortgage we’ll talk with the bank to cancel it or to manage the subrogation to the buyer if required.

4) The sale process is completed and is finalised in the office of the Notary where both the buyer and the seller (you) will have to sign the Deeds. If you cannot personally come to Spain and attend, it is not a problem. With a previously prepared Power of Attorney we are be able to sign for you. Afterwards, we would naturally and immediately send you a scanned copy to your email for peace of mind.

5) As the seller, you need to be aware that you are liable for the payment of a ‘plusvalia’ tax to the Town Hall where the property is located.

6) If you are a non-resident in Spain the buyer is legally obliged to set aside and deposit 3% of the sale price with the Spanish Public Treasury on completion. We will take care of this.

7) The tax process is complex, but in RIDALAW we are lawyers, tax advisors, consultants and economists, so we will guide you along in the whole process.

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