At RIDALAW we consider it essential to prepare a report of “Due Diligence”, because we believe that our job is to comprehensively check and ensure that the property which our client wants to buy is in perfect condition.

The legality of all aspects must be thoroughly verified in order to authorise the subsequent signing of same at the Notary.

We believe that before we go to the notary’s office we must bear in mind the following points:

1) We must be sure that the seller is really the owner of the property.

2) Have checked if the property has debts, mortgages, liens or other hidden charges.

3) Make sure that the seller has paid the the Community of Owners fees and the all other applicable taxes.

At RIDALAW we are meticulous and exhaustive in our measures, ensuring you know for certain what you are really buying and may therefore ascertain if you should really do it.

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