In RIDALAW we are experts in conveyancing since 1997. Our professional team of lawyers, consultants, financial advisors and economists, have been working for years advising buyers so that their investments are safe and exempt from risks.

Basically, the process of buying a home in Spain needs to follow the following steps:

1) If the buyer is a foreign citizen it is compulsory to obtain a N.I.E. (Foreigners Identification Number), which is an identification number for tax purposes. You cannot sign the deeds unless the N.I.E. is presented to the Notary.

2) We ensure that your purchase is secure, that is why we conduct and prepare a Property Report an a Due-Diligence report.

3) We help the buyer to formulate and sign a private buy-sell contract. This document is signed by all parties without the intervention of a Notary and is a usual step in the payment of a deposit.

4) At RIDALAW we take care of your relationship with the bank. If you need a mortgage we will carry out comparisons between several banks with the aim of finding the one that gives better conditions to you. If you want to subrogate the mortgage from the seller we can also assist you with this.

5) The buying process is completed in the office of the Notary where you will have to sign the Deeds. If you cannot personally attend, there is no problem as with a Power of Attorney we are  able to sign for you. Afterwards, upon completion, we would send you a scanned copy of the Deeds to your email.

6) Our lawyers will take care of paying the transmission tax and  make sure the property is duly registered at the Property Registry in your name.

Of course we will inform you of the exact cost of the operation, including the fees of the notary, registration, taxes, etc.

If you are a non-resident in Spain, being the owner of a home in Spain, you will be required to pay all the yearly taxes (IBI, IRPF etc. ). We will inform you of everything and we will manage both the buying process and your new annual obligations as an owner.

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