Property Financial management

In addition the annual Fiscal Representation ( “Wealth Tax”) we offer you  interesting Property Packages where we manage all payments associated with your property and therefore avoid any extra charges caused by missed or delayed  payments.

These Packages are:

1. “BRONZE” Representation Package:

RIDALAW manages your annual Tax Returns each year.

We act as your preferred communication address and receive notifications from your utility suppliers (water, electricity etc.), Community Fees, City Council Tax Office and banks regarding your Spanish property. Naturally, we inform you of these notifications in English so that they can be dealt with as promptly as possible. This management service is considered an extra but would have a discount on account of contracting the package.

2. “SILVER” Package:

Including, the Basic Representation Package

We manage and solve any problem that might occur with your suppliers and banks.

3. “GOLD” Package:

The Management Package

Comparison of the current structures relating to your Spanish property’s cost and an ongoing evaluation of more cost-effective options available in order to avoid paying more than necessary.

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