What are cookies?

Cookies are files or portions of information sent by a website through a server and stored in a user’s browser. In this way, the website can store basic information of the user and their preferences in order to carry out a personalization of the contents.

This website uses its own cookies:

· Beng_proxy_session: This is a session cookie. This cookie expires after you leave our website.

This cookie works as follows:

– When accessing the web the cookie is generated in your browser and while browsing the web the cookie does not change.

– If you keep the page open but do not perform any action on the page and after a while redo some action on the web, the cookie causes the session to expire and its value is modified.

– And finally, if you close the browser the cookie is deleted.

How can you set or disable your cookies?

You can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by configuring the settings of your Internet browser.

In the following links you have at your disposal all the information to configure or disable your cookies in each browser: